Bashing Maulana Tariq Jameel Sb

Maulana Tariq Jameel sb

Ever since the dua during Ehsaas Telethon, a misinterpretation about Maulana Tariq Jamil ‘blaming’ the women for corona virus, surfaced the internet and spread like wildfire. People jumped on the bandwagon, started sharing those misinterpreted messages, without even verifying it. I have decided to take it upon myself, to transcribe this part of his dua, which caused this misconception and bashing Maulana Tariq Jameel Sb.

All the readers, it is for you guys to decide, if he said anything of the sort, or if these people are just finding a reason to hate a person, who has been preaching the religion of Islam, since his youth.

Maulana Tariq Jamil.
“Ikhlaq ka sab se ooncha mukaam, haya hai.

Ab mein kaisay baat karu.

Merey daish mein haya ko kis ne tar tar kiya?
(A question pointed towards our society)

Merey daish ki betiyo ko kon nacha raha hai?
(A question pointed towards our society. The answer to which is, those mard who pay women for mujras, those who dance at weddings, those who dance at parties [keep in mind, all of it is prohibited in Islam])

Unn ke kapray, libhaas mukhtasar kon karwa raha hai?
(Again, a question. To which the answer is pretty simple, Kon kapray chotay karwa raha hai? Ye nangi influencers, ye ghatiya casting directors, ye film & dramas producers, ye late night horny boys [Reminder 2.0, all of it is prohibited in Islam])

Ye kiski gardan mein main ye gunnah daalu?
(Another question, who is to be blamed for all this be-haayi? You, me, all those mard & all those women who are doing it or enabling it)

Mein mujrim hu.
Meney apni qoum ko nahi samjhaya.
Mein Allah se maafi mangta hu.
(Blaming himself. Putting himself in the court of God)

Jab musalman ki beti behaayi ki taraf chal parhay.
Nau-jawaan behaayi ki taraf chal parhay.
Tou Allah ki rehmat….(trails off to a waqia about Luut)

Sab se ziada azaab, qoum-e-luut per aaya.
(The azab on qoum-e-luut came upon them because they were homosexuals. They committed sodomy. Something you girls have nothing to do with.)

Ke woh be-haayi mein saari boundaries cross kar gaye thay. (Qoum-e-Luut)

Tou Allah Ta’alah ne unn per 5 azaab bhejay. 5!

Kisi qoum pe 5 azaab nahi aaye.
Aik hee azaab aata tha.
Unn par 5 azaab aaye.

Tou teesri baat merey Nabi (S.A.W) ne farmayi hai.
‘Haya walay banno, Haya walay banno.’ (Holy Prophet S.A.W)

Mujh se Khan Sahb ne baat ki thi pehli dafa keh,
‘Mein chahta hu meri youth Allah ke sath juray.’ (Imran Khan) (Youth includes betas & betis)

Jo humaray college hain, humari universities hain. Humaray khas tor pe jo private schools hain. Ye ummat ko, nau-jawaano ko, Allah, Rasul (S.A.W) se kaat rahay hain. (Students are betas & betis)

So, Allah Ta’alah…(trails off to the next sentence)
Ye pehlay shakhs hain, jis ke liye meri dil se dua nikli. (Referring to Imran Khan)

Jab iss ne kaha keh,
‘Meney aap ko iss liye bulaya hai. Ke meri qoum, apnay nabi ke sath kaisay jurr jaye.’ (Imran Khan)

Mein kya bataun?

Jab tak iss be-hayaai ko nahi hum rokhtay.
Aur koi rokh nahi sakta…”

This is the whole account of what he said during the dua, word for word.
Read. Analyse. Reflect.

Even a layman or a laywoman would understand the context & how both mard and aurat are to be blamed for the be-hayaai. He is a religious scholar not your go-to buddy. You can’t pick and choose. You can’t be like, “this suits me, I’m gonna accept it. This doesn’t, I’m gonna bash him.” He is a molvi, he will portray the full picture of Islam for you. Not the part that you like & leave out the part which you dislike.
Whenever he talks about men, you guys are all for him. Whenever he talks about women, you guys are against him.
This is not a matter of gender. It is a matter of our generation, where are we headed? Instead of pin pointing the genders. We should holistically look at ourselves, as a society, as a nation & most importantly, as ummat.

Before bashing a man, who has been spreading the message of Allah, all his life. Think. Hum sab ne Allah Ta’alah ke pass hee jana hai.

If it is a matter of being a believer and a non-believer of Islam. Then do as you please. But if you’re a believer, then accept the whole picture of Islam, don’t pick and choose.


‎وَتُعِزُ مَن تَشَاء وَتُذِلُ مَن تَشَاء

Allah Ta’alah farmatein hain, “Tu Jissey Chahey Izzat De, Aur Jissey Chahey Zillat De.”
(Surah Al-Imran Surah No:2 Aayat No: 26)

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